Has design changed since launch?

There have been no changes in design or materials used since 2000.

What indication / disorder is the implant designed to address

Hallux Rigidus / Arthritis of the big toe

Can the implant treat Hallux Valgus indications

Yes but not before the HV deformity has been corrected

How do I find a surgeon trained in the use of ROTOglide™?

Please visit ‘How to find a Surgeon' on the Patient’s page

How do I find a local ROTOglide™ Distributor?

Please visit ‘How to find a Distributor' on the Surgeon’s page

Who are the surgeons who champion this product?

Prof. Hakon Kofoed, Prof. Martinus Richter, Mr Patrick Laing and Mr. Chris Walker

Does the company facilitate & promote surgeon training?

Yes, the company provides training and ongoing support to all surgeons using ROTOglide™

Were the clinical studies National, International, Single centre or Multi-centre?

UK – Multi & Single centres
Denmark – Single centres
Germany – Single centres

What is the success rate for ROTOglide™?

Overall 94.65% for up to 20 years.
15 year Kaplan-Meier: 91.2%

Can ROTOglide™ fit any patient?

Yes with a wide range of sizes with option to mix & match

How long does the operation take?

Up to 45 minutes depending on the surgeon’s experience

How long does it take to recover?

Recovery is variable based on many factors. The typical recovery time is between 2 and 4 months.

Is there a defined Post-operative Exercise & Healing Program?

Yes. For further details, please visit the Post Surgery & Exercise page on the Patient’s section of the website

How difficult is the operation?

Not difficult, but surgeon requires training

How long after surgery will I be able to walk?

Recommend assisted walking on day of surgery

Can I wear heels after surgery and how soon after?

Yes but variable. Use common sense and limit the time in heels in the early days

Does the operation leave unsightly scars?

Scarring varies but tends to be minimal and diminishes over time

Can I take on sporting activities?

Certainly such as tennis, golf etc., but strenuous high impact sporting activities is not advised.

What can go wrong with ROTOglide™?

Reduced Range of Motion, Sesamoiditis, Pain

What are the principal reasons for failure of ROTOglide™?

Off-label implantation, sesamoiditis, refusal to follow post-op exercise regime.

What experience do you have with revisions?

Details available on request. Please contact us.

This is the only total MTP joint implant that allows constant adaption of the great toe towards the ground surface under stable conditions due to the rotation between the phalangeal implant and the meniscus.
Professor Hakon Kofoed
ROTOglide offers a practical and well-tested alternative to fusion for those patients wishing to maintain movement in their arthritic great toe.
Mr Patrick Laing & Mr. Chris Walker
The only total joint replacement with positive evidence regarding function and clinical outcome
Prof. Dr. med. Martinus Richter


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