ROTOglide™ is the only 1st MTP joint replacement system with a successful 20-year clinical history.

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Overall survivorship statistic of
*Toes surviving / Total toes implanted over 20 years
15 year Kaplan-Meier survivorship statistic of

What is Hallux Rigidus?

Symptoms of Hallux Rigidus include stiffness, pain and significantly reduced extension in the great toe joint leading to diminished function and lateralisation of foot pressure.

Sound familiar? See why ROTOglideTM might be your best arthroplasty option.


ROTOglideTM is a unique 3-Part Anatomical Great Toe System incorporating a Sliding and Rotating Meniscus.

The only proven safe and effective arthroplasty option for treating Hallux Rigidus Gr. 2, 3, & 4.The Primary Indication for this device is:

20 year
Clinical history

Patient Safety, Motion Preservation & Survivorship have been our long-term goals.

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This is the only total MTP joint implant that allows constant adaption of the great toe towards the ground surface under stable conditions due to the rotation between the phalangeal implant and the meniscus.
Professor Hakon Kofoed
ROTOglide offers a practical and well-tested alternative to fusion for those patients wishing to maintain movement in their arthritic great toe.
Mr Patrick Laing & Mr. Chris Walker
The only total joint replacement with positive evidence regarding function and clinical outcome
Prof. Dr. med. Martinus Richter


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